Raza Topett

Leader of the Chameleon gang in Neverwinter




Raza spent most of his youth being shunned by everyone in Neverwinter because he was different. Being the son of a genie meant he looked very different from other people. His skin is midnight black and his eyes are like molten gold. This difference made the people of Neverwinter fear him and loathe him. The worst was Furion, the heir to a very powerful family in Neverwinter. They fought all the time as kids and when they got older the fighting just became more serious. Furion became the captain of the Neverwinter guard while Raza created a gang of criminals made up of non-humans that were tired of being treated like dirt by Neverwinter’s mostly human populace. Furion vowed to rid Neverwinter of this stain but Raza was more than his match. He was able to mangle the city guards using assassinations and bribes and set up a huge network of spies and thieves under his command within Neverwinter. The final straw was pulled when he personally killed all of Furion’s family except for him. Furion saw that he could not compete with Raza while abiding to the law so he left his post as captain and created his own gang in order to counter Raza’s domination. Now Neverwinter is split in two by these gangs and there seems to be no end in sight…

Raza Topett

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